17 Eylül 2011 Cumartesi

Computational Design is a promising field and a very powerful media where you can simulate, test, model the unconventional. The use of computer and its over-powered calculation capacity have been used in many
fields since 1960s in mechanical engineering, aerospace, electronics, biology, physics, mathematics ... With the unstoppable development in technology in all these fields the intelligent use of computers “Computation” proved it self as the “inevitable”. We as Computational Designers find our selves very lucky to be born in such an Era. An era of mathematics, Informatics and Change. We today have the opportunity to expand the limits of our brain for a wider understanding of complexity by using an external (for now) calculator. With this expansion we Architects now have our own role to play in the on going “paradigm shift”

Free your mind and join the lab we are going to “show you the door” which leads out side box.

"Future Lab No:1 Parametric Design" is the first one of the series of workshops that will be organized in various cities in Turkey. No:1 will take place in Izmir on (10th - 12th of December).

It is a five-day workshop open to students, architect and everyone ,who would like to join, in order to show the use of computational design for architectural development by teaching the tools and methodology. The cases for the workshops has been selected to produce innovative designs and share them.
Costs: 50tl ,- for three days.

Future Lab offers room for thirty participants. The workshops will be held at the Izmir Institute of Technology starting Monday December 10 at 5:00pm.


All participants;
  • should bring their laptops
  • install Rhinoceros v4.9 and Grasshopper 0.8
  • go through the tutorials that can be found under Tutorials tab